Test Center Nepal

Online Learning Dashboard

Students can access an online learning dashboard at Test Center Nepal, where they can get ample practice materials and verify the availability of IELTS and PTE tests.

What does TCN provide in the Online Learning Dashboard?

  • Learn IELTS/TOEFL/PTE: This part encompasses an IELTS and TOEFL recent question collection as well as additional practice materials.
  • Users can access all of the most recent question collections and PTE practice materials here.
  • Mock Test and Test Preparation registration of IELTS, TOEFL, PTE.
  • You can also search for IELTS and PTE exam dates.

How to get access to TCN’s Online Learning Dashboard?

  • Go to TCN’s website (testcenternepal.com) and click on Student Login | Register.
  • Following that, you’ll be sent to a login page. If you’ve already registered, enter your email address and password; otherwise, click Register with Us.
  • Explore all the resources, practice materials, and other facilities provided in the dashboard.