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Career Counselling

Along with Test Preparation and Mock Tests, Test Center Nepal also offers career counseling to students who are unsure about their future plans.

We take every student’s future extremely seriously and work hard to keep them on the right track. Whether for test prep programs, mock tests, or a future intention to study abroad or in Nepal.

Career counselors aid individuals in choosing an appropriate career based on their interests, skills, and abilities. The main purpose of career counseling is to help students choose a field that best suits their skills and talents. As a result, career guidance/counseling is crucial since it will assist students in choosing the finest career pathway for them and performing at their best in it, allowing them to thrive and live a better life.

Career counseling is intended to assist people in choosing or changing careers. One of the most important areas of a person’s life is their employment, and with so many different career choices to choose from, it’s easy to become confused about which path is ideal for them. Professional counseling assists people in discovering their interests and skills, allowing them to select the best professional route for them. A career counselor can help people by explaining and discussing their intrinsic potential and professional options.

  • Listen to you: First of all, we listen to you.
  • Tell us about your academic background, interests, courses, location, and desired college or university.
  • We can also help you find a suitable location, advise you on courses and career paths.
  • Work out on details
  • After we’ve figured out your personal and professional information, we’ll look for schools and universities that offer superior courses that will help you advance in your desired job path and location.
  • If you match the admission criteria, we will proceed with your processing.
  • Address if there are any issues to be fixed
  • Finally, we’ll see if any issues need to be addressed before you file the visa (for international students) and we’ll also assist local students in any way we can.
  • Workout on Students profile:
  • Every student has their own set of goals, aspirations, and interests.
  • They are classified by the type of student, the objective of their studies, the course they have selected, and the institutes they have attended, all of which will aid in the development of a strong profile.
  • Their Qualifications and Experience:
  • Students’ qualifications and experiences may be taken into account. And, as a result, they may have fewer options for courses.
  • We fully comprehend the equivalency of qualifications in the home and foreign countries. As a result, we inform you of the finest solutions accessible to you.
  • We also assist students who wish to pursue a degree that is beyond their qualifications by bridging the gap between the base point and the minimum admission criteria.
  • Socio-Economic Background:
  • Students’ socioeconomic status has an impact on course choices.
  • The socioeconomic status of students is considered while choosing the ideal study place.
  • Purpose of Study: Students are divided into groups based on their learning objectives. This may influence their choices of courses, institutions, and destinations.
  • Further Study: Students must decide whether to pursue additional education at an international or national level. A student may enroll in high school to attend university in the destination country afterward.
  • Career & Employment: Students must pick courses carefully to get work once they finish their studies. Courses leading to recognized certifications are a top emphasis for students.
  • Personal Achievements: Students can also get personal advancement after completing the study, either through the course or by living in their desired location.
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