Test Center Nepal


Test Center Nepal provides a wide range of facilities for candidates willing for Test Preparation and Mock Tests.

You can make the most out of these facilities:

Well-equipped Laboratories


TCN has well-equipped labs where students can practice in their feasible time, give CD Mock Tests, and prepare for the real examinations.

Our laboratories are facilitated with

  • high speed internet
  • computers
  • sound proof rooms
  • air conditioner
Sophisticated Classrooms


TCN’s sophisticated classrooms are highly pleasant and soothing; students can learn more and generate new ideas in the environment.

Student Lockers

Student Lockers

In these lockers, students can keep their bags and other necessary materials while they are giving Mock Tests either in classroom or giving PVTC tests.

The lockers are well-secured; attached with a lock for further security. It is built to the standards of the Pearson PVTC test.



TCN’s physical and digital library can be accessed by any student and can use as many resources as they can.

So, to use TCN’s library, visit our venue and get subscription.

Library Rules and Regulations:

  • One-year subscription costs Rs. 500 for TCN’s student and Rs. 1000 for others.
  • Books must be renewed within 10 days.

Books Available: IELTS Practice Books, Cambridge IELTS Books, PTE Books, TOEFL Books, SAT Books, and others.

Reception and Lobby

Reception & Lobby

Every information can be acquired from our reception desk area regarding test preparation, simulated mock test and other certification tests.

Visitors and Students can have a relaxing time in our lobby area, either they are waiting or want to have a coffee break.

Also, they can borrow a book from a library and discuss it together.



Free Parking is available ahead on the ground floor of our building. Our large parking lot can accommodate bikes and cars, and there is no need to be concerned about the security.