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Sagun Karanjit

Test Center Nepal has helped me with IELTS preparation and I am really grateful for their help and cooperation. Their feedback truly helped me improve my scores and made me confident.

Kipa Tamrakar

Test center nepal has helped me throughout my IELTS preparation. It also provides the mock test with real environment. It is probably one of the best IELTS preparation and mock test center.

Ananda Bhandari

Best IELTS mock test and preparation center in Nepal.

Suju Chhetri

One of the best IELTS preparation centre in Nepal. They have the service for Mock Test and preparation classes as a learning center.

Razeiv Shiwakoti

Test Center Nepal is best place for IELTS preparing and also Mock Test in Nepal.

Saurav Barsingh Thapa

Test center Nepal fulfills all the criteria and in hands down the best preparation center for IELTS and PTE.

Manish Bhattarai

Test center Nepal not only prepares you for the exam but it also equips you with fundamental skills in English.

Bibesh Udash

TCN is the best gateway to lead the student to prepare for better career to overseas and English preparation courses.

Safal Mahat

I feel lucky to get connected with TCN and I heartily thanks TCN team for being so much supportive,friendly and guiding me so well through PTE preparation and visa processing.

निशान पाण्डे

If you are searching for the best IELTS and PTE preparation center around the city, I recommend you to visit Test center Nepal. Deal with quality, move along with time!!!

Shyam Tripathi

Proper setup having friendly environment, where you would get real PTE, IELTS test experience. Completely professional setup . Amazing

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